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Personalized Service

CK Group believes that to provide an excellent and responsive customer service it is essential to maintain a close relationship, and that for the CK Group has an exclusive area of relationship which applies fortnightly satisfaction surveys aiming to monitor the quality of service provision , based on the vision/point of view of our clients.

Our supervisors and managers apply weekly evaluations of teams of collaborators, sharing them with customers in order to seek a constant improvement of the services provided.

Training and Recycling

After recruitment and selection, training and empowering employees is a top priority for the CK group, and to achieve it CK maintains a training area, focused on developing professional and social development of our employees by periodically promoting them through recycling and good practice. At the end of any credit training every single participants receives his/her certificate(diploma).

Strong Organizational Structure

The CK Group has a wide fleet of vehicles available to serve our customers, vehicles, headquarters itself, qualified operational team, made up of managers and supervisors, continuous training and recyclin, documentation daily in accordance with all the standards, norms and laws, approved by the Brazilian Federal Polic,e and legal department.

Recruitment and Selection

Careful and accurate selection is crucial for optimal performance. Therefore, the CK Group develops the following recruitment: Application of testing and group dynamics, Consultation of criminal record,reviews and periodic examinations, technical and behavioral.

Welcome to CK Group” training to welcome new employees, so as to transmit the values and status of CK Group and ongoing evaluation of performance.


Integrated operational team qualified for managers and supervisors to work 24 hours and extensive industry experience.


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